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ELIXIA raw chocolates are a healthy indulgence in pleasure which inspires well-being for body, mind, spirit, heart, and planet. Potent superfoods are infused with mystical substances in a luscious alchemy…

Chocolate itself is a mystical material – Theobroma Cacao is literally the Food of the Gods. First cultivated and revered by the ancient Olmecs and Mayans, cacao was used ritually as an aphrodisiac, an elixir for health, and as an actual currency more precious than gold. It is clear to all who taste it that chocolate is not merely a food, but a unique and intensely delightful sensory experience. Long associated with love and sensuality, chocolate encourages enjoyment of life, and in its raw state (never heated above 118*) cacao is the one of the most antioxidant-rich superfoods known!

ELIXIA chocolates are handcrafted of only the finest raw, organic, fair-trade and health-promoting ingredients. These sumptuous, small-batch chocolates are consciously created with reverence for life, celebration of pleasure, and a good dose of magick!