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spending money to make lots of chocolate

Recently ELIXIA was granted a small business loan by the awesome entity that is MercyCorps NW. As a nomad artist, traveling freak, tattooed yogi…with no collateral and no real “jobby-job” to speak of, ┬áthis little boost was a surprising feat for L…

Today I began actually SPENDING this money on all things ELIXIA. Rather than have a panic attack at the fact that I now own a f*cking smartphone which I’ve already felt microwaving my cheek; I will remain calm, stow it far away, and attempt to practice a bit of yoga.

Things I bought for ELIXA:

Business license renewal

Commercial Kitchen Space



Many pounds of raw cacao, coconut sugar, vanilla bean and the like.

Many pounds of magical substances like chaga mushroom, cardamom, chlorella, cat’s claw, and more…



A barely-used Ninja blender ($50 off craigslist, instead of the $500 Vitamix I wouldn’t mind owning).


Chocolate Bar Molds









And soon, ┬áthe much-anticipated new labels! I’m practically frothing at the mouth to see how awesome they are going to be. Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Even starting with next to nothing, I have to try my best!


Soon, I hope to be quite busy with a profitable little chocolate business. Thank you for supporting the effort and enjoying ELIXIA!


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