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Hello and Welcome to ELIXIA’s blog. This will be a space to share thoughts, intentions, news of special chocolates and upcoming events, and information on a variety of subjects related to ELIXIA raw chocolate.

I created ELIXIA with with the intention of spreading pleasure in a way that is healthy for heart, body, mind, spirit, and planet. Too often I see people indulging in behaviors that may bring a temporary type of pleasure but which are detrimental to well-being. The ubiquity of sugary treats is connected to epidemics of illness, obesity, and emotional and mental malfunctions which threaten our very survival, culture, and ecology. ELIXIA seeks to provide a bit of sensual enjoyment that is so necessary and nourishing for the soul, not only without doing harm, but while actively benefiting all involved – from the ecosystems and economies where ingredients are grown, to the people who consume the final product, to the people they interact with more nicely….etc.  ELIXIA strives to participate in and encourage this symbiotic spiral upwards, as opposed to wreaking havoc in the pursuit of numbness or capitalism. Cacao is the food of the heart, the food of the Gods, and has the potential to change the world….



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  • rebecca & family

    what a wonderful package to get in the mail!! mm and i waited til we were together and collected to open it like excited kids. our co-workers gathered round as we passed the note and broke into IMMORTALITY!! Hails to you for directing your beauty and sensuality into such a gift. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU and your alchemickal achievements. and hails to arrowyn as well, who is fondly remembered here in our communal efforts . i shall be placing an order for truffles within a fortnight,loves !! your sis in cacao-REB

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